Pork Loin

PORK (Side) - Hambleton

85.00 LBS
August and September
Maximum Purchase:
4 unit(s)
* Shoulder:
* Jowl/Neck:
* Loin:
* Ribs:
* Side (Belly):
* Hams:
* Heart:
* Liver:
* Roast Size Preference:
* Steak/Chop Thickness:
* Ground or Sausage (See below):
* Ground/Sausage Size Pack:
NO-NITRITE CURING-Requires Bealeton Pick-up:
Preferred Pick-up:
* ACKNOWLEDGE: $3.50/lb for side plus $2.50/lb Cured/Smoked:
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  • Product Description

    How it works:

    Above you select exactly how you would like your pig butchered; the initial fee is a DEPOSIT to secure your order; the deposit will be credited against your final price.

    Pricing: $3.50 per pound hanging weight (HWT) for Half (side), $3.25 per pound hanging weight (HWT) for Whole (2 Sides).  Fees include Basic Processing: All cuts and Bulk Sausage, excluding Curing/Smoking (see below)

    Curing/Smoking: An ADDITIONAL $2.50 per pound fee is charged for OPTIONAL CURING/SMOKING of bacon, hams or jowls; this additional fee is assessed on just the post-processed portions, not the entire pig. 

    • A NITRITE-FREE cure/smoke using sea salt is available from our Bealeton butcher only.  You may request this option in a special note, and must use the Bealeton butcher (may alter pick-up month).

    Bulk Sausage: If you select to have any of your pork processed into Bulk Sausage (above), you will receive a phone call after processing with your availabile quantity and will then tell the butcher what type of sausage you would like.  The Butcher requires a minimum of 15 pounds per type of sausage.

    • Depending on the Butcher, typical Sausage options include: Breakfast, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Chorizo, etc.
    • Non-MSG options are available for some sausage types - if interested, please inquire with the butcher at time of phone call.
    • Note: Bulk Sausage is loose or un-cased Sausage and is a $0 option to replace simple ground pork.

    Pork is picked-up by you, the consumer, directly from the Butcher. The final invoice for the pork will be handled directly by the farmer and will include all processing fees from the butcher.

    NVPG is a consortium of farmers supporting Local, Slow-Food principles... we do not deliver or ship products.


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  • Other Details

    Price per Pound: $3.50/lb hanging weight for Side or $3.25/lb hanging weight for Whole
    Average Side: 85 lbs hanging weight
    Custom Butchering: Included (USDA Inspected)
    Average Total Cost: $300/side
    Pick-up Location(s): Bealeton, VA (Warrenton)
    Finishing Feed: Pasture and CONVENTIONAL Feed
    Medication: None (Anthelmintics in extremis)