Label Rouge Method Chicken

Label Rouge”method Pastured Chickens

Label Rouge is the Traditional Artisan label for France established in 1965 as a direct response to the industrialization of poultry farming.  The standard has the following requirements:


  • Hardy breeds, selected for the quality of their meat and their      slow growth (golden or black feathers).
  • NVPG      uses Red Rangers, bred from birds imported from Brittany and Burgundy.

Farming methods

  • As soon as their feathers are fully developed, the fowl are let outside    and allowed to roam free on large grassy and/or shady areas comprising:
  • Unlimited range for traditional chicken reared “in    total freedom”.
  • NVPG birds are in open coops with 100% Free access to    pasture and woods… they are not caged in any way.


  • Their feed must contain at least 75% cereals and cereal products    during the fattening period.
  • NVPG uses Certified Organic grains (No        Soy).


  • Label Rouge traditional chickens are not slaughtered until they    reach an age ranging between 81 and 110 days - this is at least twice as old as a standard chicken.
  •     NVPG will begin processing at 81 days.

Since the birds are slower growing and bred to forage actively, they yield a particularly rich and flavorful product, but they require additional feed, longer growing times and increased pasture management (owing to their 100% open ranging and higher predator losses).

NVPG Guild farms Notting Hill and Second Wind currently offer this traditional approach, we invite you to taste the difference.