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Katahdin - Grassfed LAMB (Whole) - Notting Hill

40.00 LBS
OCT/NOV - Pick-up at Butcher
Maximum Purchase:
6 unit(s)
* Neck:
* Shoulder:
* Rib:
* Loin:
* Leg:
* Shanks:
* Chop Size:
* Chops per Pack:
* Ground Pack:
* Pick-up Preference:
* $2.75 per pound:
* $90 Processing:
Special Requests:
* Organs (Kidney, Heart, Liver):
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  • Product Description

    The meat from a Katahdin is mild in flavor and leaner than the meat from some other breeds.  Katahdin's are smaller than standard production breeds, so a single lamb is perfect for folks looking for reduced serving sizes - perfect for 2-4.  

    The Katahdin breed is a medium sized sheep that was bred in Maine (hence Mt. Katahdin) for three key goals:

    1. Meat Production (No Wool / NoShearing)
    2. Good Growth on Forage
    3. Good Mothers (twins are the norm)
    4. Parasite resistance

    The Katahdin offers a very efficient grass-based breed that is attracting a following among producers and consumers in Virginia.  Because the Katahdin are so resistant to parasites, we at Notting Hill have not had to use any anti-parasite medication (anthelmintics) for the last five seasons.  We attribute this to three things: the natural resistance of Katahdins, good Pasture Rotation, and Countryside Organic Sheep Minerals (Kelp formula) with Pro-biotics and Garlic (and lots of other ogranic supplements: MINERAL LINK).  The virtues of Trace Minerals cannot be overestimated. 


    This is a DEPOSIT for Custom Butchered Grassfed Lamb.

    The final price will $2.75 per pound hanging weight PLUS $90 for Custom Butchering for an average total cost of $200 less the initial deposit. 

    An average Lamb is between 40 lbs. and 55 lbs and will yield between 25-35 lbs of meat.

    Final payment will be ivoiced directly from the farm, and collected prior to your picking-up the Lamb at the butcher or farm.

    NOTE: Farmer Recommendations for cuts are listed in ALL CAPS in the drop-downs (if you are looking for hints).

    Lamb Facts:

    We recognize that most of us wonder what to expect when ordering a whole side of Lamb. Click Here for a Lamb Estimator and Cost Comparison (Excel Spreadsheet download)

    An increasing body of scientific evidence points to the fact that a major benefit of raising and finishing animals on well managed pasture is a healthier product. Compared with industrial feedlot animals, meat from grass-fed Lamb has less total fat, less saturated fat, reduced cholesterol, and fewer calories. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and “conjugated linoleic acid,” or CLA. These studies also confirm that the health benefits come directly from the grass eaten by the animals on pasture.  Substituting “organic” grain for an “organic” product does not translate into similar results.  The good is in the green™.


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    1. Meat taste

      The quality is excellent. The meat does not have strong taste that is of then associated and disliked when consuming lamb. on 29th Apr 2016

    2. Simply scrumptious!

      We really enjoy eating the lamb in all forms as well as knowing where our "food comes from"! on 3rd Dec 2012

    3. Excellent Quality, Great Service

      This is our third year purchasing a lamb from Notting Hill through the NVPG. Very happy with Constantine Soutsos at Notting Hill as well as the butcher - this year Gore's Meats in Stephens City. on 2nd Dec 2012

    4. Delicious Chops

      Our children love the lamb and ask for the meat with the bone (chops) and eat the fat first! on 3rd Dec 2011

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  • Other Details

    Breed(s): Katahdin
    Price per Pound: $2.75
    Average Hanging Weight: 40 lbs
    Custom Butchering: $90 (USDA or State Inspected)
    Average Total Cost: $200
    Pick-up Location: Front Royal: Gore's or Crabil's
    Finishing Feed: All Grass
    Grains: Only for shepherding (Organic)
    Medications: None (Anthelmintics in extremis)