Guild Farming

Northern Valley Pastoral Guild (NVPG) LLC is a voluntary association of Producers and Consumers. Producer participation in this association requires adherence to the principles stated below and agreement to contribute to the upkeep of the Guild and its marketing efforts. Participation as a Producer in The Guild does not necessarily require Membership in the LLC.

I agree that all animals in my care produced for marketing with the Northern Valley Pastoral Guild will comply with the following standards:

  1. All animals will be treated and processed humanely.
  2. All animals will have continuous year round access to pasture and sunlight.
  3. No Animals will receive any growth enhancing hormones or steroids. 
  4. Grassfed: Ruminants that will be fed solely on Grass Forage (including Hay seasonally).
    1. Ruminants are defined as animals that have digestive systems designed to subsist solely on Forage.
      • That is, Cows, Sheep, Goats, etc.
    2. The occasional feeding of Grain for the purpose of herd management is permitted.
    3. Fattening on Grain is not permitted under any circumstances.
  5. Pastured: Non-Ruminants raised on Pasture with full access to forage as a regular part of their diet.
    1. Non-Ruminants of this category are defined as animals that cannot subsist on forage alone.
      • That is, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, etc.
  6. Forage and Feed are Organic (non-certified is acceptable) whenever feasible.
    1. All Forage and Feed (Grains) should prefer in order: Organic, Local, then Conventional.
    2. Local Conventional Non-Organic Feed is permitted, but must be fully disclosed.
    3. Industrial/GMO feed is not permitted.
  7. Animals will not receive Antibiotics as part of a continuous preventative program or as "growth" enhancers.
    1. Antibiotics are permitted only to treat sick animals.
    2. Parasite control with anthelmintics is permitted only to treat infested animals as per FAMCHA.
    3. No animal treated will be processed for eating until the waiting period is fully satisfied.
  8. Some animal Vaccinations may be permitted, but must be fully disclosed.
  9. Pasture Management is equally important:
    1. No pastures may be sprayed with either Pesticides or Herbicides.
    2. Use of Petroleum based fertilizers is discouraged, but may be used with full disclosure.
  10. Guild Participation:
    1. Producers agree to contribute to the upkeep of the Guild and its marketing efforts.
    2. Producers agree to share knowledge of the craft and their experiences with other Guild Members.
    3. Producers agree to share customers and patrons.
    4. Producers agree to market their Goods on their merits, and not to disparage other Producers or Goods.
    5. Producers agree to Price their Goods at a Fair Market Value in consensus with other Guild Members.
    6. Producers agree that the Price advertised on the Guild Website is the Price charged On-Farm.
    7. Producers agree to permit on-premise visits to both Guild Members and Customers (by appointment).


Signed: ______________________________    Farm: _______________________________



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