Below are the most common questions we receive at NVPG; at the bottom is a contact form for you to send us any additional questions we may not have covered here.

Q: Do you have any Raw Milk Shares available?

This is far and away the most common question.  We are very glad to see such incredible demand for Raw Milk.

Unfortunately this product is highly regulated in Virginia.  We encourage you to get involved with Weston A. Price and other organizations to help change the laws to make Raw milk more available.

Some NVPG Farms operate Milk Share operations in accordance with Virginia law.

These shares are in strong demand, and only go to known customers when a share becomes available.

If you are interested in participating in a cow/goat share program, we encourage you to sign-up for our newsletters, to buy NVPG products, and to get to know your farmers.

Q: Do you ship?


Q: Really, do you Ship?

No.  NVPG is a consortium of Local Food Producers; we suggest that you check eatwild.com or localharvest.org for producers in your state.

Q: Where do we pick-up our products?

The short answer is: at the Farm or at the Butcher.

Small animals like Chickens or Rabbits are (generally) available directly from the farm.

Large animals like Beef, Lamb, Cabrito, and Pork are processed at USDA inspected facilities and customers pick-up directly from these butchers.

Q: Where are the Butchers Located?

Different Farms use different butchers, and not all farms will take their animals to all butchers.

The order page will show you what butchers will be available for that order.

Naturally, Farms that use multiple processors will select the processor nearest the customer location.

Bealeton (near Warrenton)
Tom's Brook (south of Front Royal on 81)
Front Royal (Exit 6 on 66)

Q: How much meat will I get when I order a side of Beef or a Lamb?

We recognize that this is a big change for all of our new customers...perhaps the biggest challenge to trying a new approach to healthy eating.

To help with this, we have analyzed several years of Beef and Lamb processing to provide you with these ROI calculators (click the link, then click the down-arrow to download spreadsheet from Google Docs):

Lamb ROI Spreadsheet

Beef ROI Spreadsheet

We offer this purely as an estimate...how you elect to have your beef or lamb butchered will impact your final cut distribution. 

Plus, there is variation in nature among frame sizes between similar animals; that is, your 45 lb lamb may not have as much meat as your neighbor's 45 lb lamb.

Still, these estimates will at least help you to understand that an 900 lb beef will yield about 17 lbs of prime steaks, and about 150 lbs of ground beef.

Q: Spreadsheets?  Are you kidding me? How Much Beef/Lamb will I get and what will it cost?

Beef: 250 lbs @ $3.39/lb = $850 for approx 150 lbs of meat.

Lamb: 50 lbs @ $3 + $95 processing = $245 for approx 30 lbs of meat.