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Boer - Grassfed GOAT (Whole) - Notting Hill

40.00 LBS
FALL - Pick-up at Butcher
Maximum Purchase:
6 unit(s)
* Neck:
* Shoulder:
* Rib:
* Loin:
* Leg:
* Shanks:
* Chop Size:
* Chops per Pack:
* Ground Pack:
* Pick-up Preference:
* $3 per pound:
* $95 Processing:
Special Requests:
* Organs (Kidney, Heart, Liver):
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  • Product Description

    GOAT (aka Chevon, Cabrito, or Capretto) is a surprisingly tender and mild meat... most people assume it tastes like lamb, but a closer comparable would be veal.  Unlike beef, the meat has less internal marbling fat, so care should be taken when cooking the tender cuts (medium-rare only).  The larger cuts respond very well to braising.

    For the purpose of butchering, Goats and Lambs are very similar, so please refer to Lamb cut-sheet above.

    The Boer goat originated from South Africa. They were selected for meat rather than milk production; due to selective breeding and improvement, the Boer goat has a fast growth rate and excellent carcass qualities, making it one of the most popular breeds of meat goat in the world.

    The Boer goats are very compatible with sheep and cattle...while sheep and cattle graze head down, goats prefer to browse and do a spectacular job keeping fences clear and even enjoy clearing several pesky weed species.  

    If you haven’t tried goat meat you are missing out on a very tasty dinner.


    This is a DEPOSIT for Custom Butchered Grassfed Chevon.

    The final price will $3 per pound hanging weight PLUS $95 for Custom Butchering for an average total cost of $230 less the initial deposit. 

    An average Chevon is between 40 lbs. and 60 lbs and will yield between 25-35 lbs of meat.

    Final payment will be ivoiced directly from the farm, and collected prior to your picking-up the Chevon at the butcher or farm.

    NOTE: Farmer Recommendations for cuts are listed in ALL CAPS in the drop-downs (if you are looking for hints).



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  • Other Details

    Breed(s): Boer
    Price per Pound: $3
    Average Hanging Weight: 40 lbs
    Custom Butchering: $95 (USDA or State Inspected)
    Average Total Cost: $230
    Pick-up Location: Front Royal: Blue Ridge Meats or Gore's
    Finishing Feed: All Grass
    Grains: Only for shepherding (Organic)
    Medications: None (Anthelmintics in extremis)