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Angus - Grassfed BEEF (Side) - Briarmead

250.00 LBS
May thru July and again October thru January
* Flank Steak:
* Short Ribs:
* Brisket:
* Shanks:
* Skirt Steak:
* Hanging Tender:
* Ground Beef Size:
* Roast Size:
* Steak/Chop Size:
* Steak/Chop per Pack:
* Liver:
* Heart:
* Tongue:
* Ox Tail:
* Arm:
* Chuck (Shoulder Blade):
* Rib:
* Short Loin:
* Sirloin Tip:
* Top Round:
* Eye Round:
* Bottom Round:
* Preferred Size:
* Preferred Pick-up:
* ACKNOWLEDGE: $4.25 per pound hanging weight (HWt) for Half (Side) or $3.90 per pound hanging weight (HWt) for Whole (2 Sides):
Special Requests:
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  • Product Description

    Delicious, completely grassfed and finished beef from multiple-year Slow Food DC's Snail Award winning Briarmead Farm's Angus/Devon herd!  100% rotationally grazed and humanely treated on Briarmead's organic pastures; these beeves produce rich, full flavored and healthy cuts of beef for grilling, roasting or grinding.

    The "price" of this item is the DEPOSIT for one Side (half) of a Briarmead Grassfed Beef.  To order a Whole beef (two Sides), either select quantity of 2 for duplicate butchering specifications, or order a second side with different specs and add to your cart. The final price for one Side (half) is $4.25 per pound of hanging weight (minus your deposit) which includes Custom Butchering, vacuum sealing and labeling. The final price for a Whole beef (2 sides) is discounted to $3.90 per pound of hanging weight only if both sides have identical butchering specifications. 

    • Whole (2 sides) is $3.90 per pound of hanging weight, or approximately $1,900.00*.
    • Half (1 side) is $4.25 per pound of hanging weight, or approximately $1000.00*.

    Final payment will be invoiced and collected when the beef is ready for pick-up.

    *One Side (half) of Briarmead Grassfed Beef averages approximately 250 lbs. Hanging Weight and will yield approximately 150 lbs. of finished product. When ordering your beef, you will have a choice of Small/Medium or Medium/Large. This approximates 200-300 lbs or 250-350 lbs per side Hanging Weight respectively.


    Beef Facts:

    We recognize that most of us wonder what to expect when ordering a full side of beef. Click Here for a Beef Estimator and Cost Comparison (Excel Spreadsheet download)

    The average American eats an estimated 65 lbs of beef per year.

    A small/medium side of beef will require approximately 5 cubic feet of freezer space, the size of a freezer on an average refrigerator. 


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    1. YUM!

      Have purchased 2 sides at different times from Briarmeade. Nothing compares! on 17th Aug 2012

    2. Excellent beef!

      Just received our second side of beef and have been extremely satisfied with the ease of the process and the quality of the product: it's delicious. We are ecstatic to have found a dependable local supplier of grass-fed beef. on 18th Jul 2012

    3. Best Beef Ever!

      We are thoroughly enjoying our side of beef we purchased in June, 2012. The steaks and roast have just the right amount of fat content marbling (especially for the grill) and the hamburger has that unique, grass fed, flavor that can’t be matched by any grocery store brand. Had some liver with onions one time also… very yummy! Briarmead’s beef is well worth the little extra cost! on 17th Jul 2012

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  • Other Details

    Breed(s): Black Angus and Angus/Devon Cross
    Price per Pound: $4.25/lb Hanging Weight (Side) or $3.90/lb Hanging Weight (Whole)
    Average Side: 250 lbs. Hanging Weight
    Custom Butchering: Included (USDA Inspected)
    Average Total Cost: $900 per side
    Pick-up Location(s): Toms Brook, VA (I-81)
    Finishing Feed: All Grass
    Grains: None
    Medications: None